A lil about us

What started off as a fun girls’  night activity over tequila is now  the best hustle we can ask for!  

STRUNG was started by five BFFs stringing together your latest obsessions. Mixing our love for accessories to wear on repeat, anything aesthetic AF, and each other (duh!) has been the best cocktail we ever created! 

Each of us brings our very own special touch to everything we do! A marketing magician who literally turns every vision into an even better reality. A hairstylist who takes her eye for mixing and styling and creates every single one of our must-haves. Our very own influencer who not only makes you want everything she wears but is also the star of our feed. A product master who is always on the look out for the next best thing and makes sure that our inventory is always in check (so you never have to wait for anything!). And finally, our very own copywriter who knows what we’re saying without having to say it and who strung all of this together. Day ones since day one with over a decade of laughs and memories together! We are a very blessed girl gang who are lucky enough to have found each other and to be doing this together every day.

and we’re only getting started…